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Welcome to your JHS webpage for DCL (Digital Classroom Leaders) resources! We hope that you will use this space as inspiration for how you can better use technology in your classroom! On this website you can find materials, tutorials, links, resources, and more, all gathered from past DCL Spark Sessions. Feel free to browse around take anything you need! If you have ideas or suggestions for your DCL team, please feel free to contact us! 

DCL Mission



Empower instructional leaders by introducing, enhancing, and collaborating together on modern pedagogical approaches to the 21st-century instruction.



Ignite student learning by engaging students in collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking activities designed to promote student success in post-secondary careers.



Inspire our instructional leaders to participate in and craft a Peer Learning Network that fosters discovery, collaboaration, and implementation of curriculum objectives.

Pictures and Action!

Want to see what's happening around JHS? Let us know how you are using technology in the classroom, and while your at it, send us a few pictures!



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